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Gio.js 2.0
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Full Parameter List
var configs = {
        control: {
                stats: false,
                disableUnmentioned: false,
                lightenMentioned: false,
                inOnly: false,
                outOnly: false,
                initCountry: "CN",
                halo: true
        color: {
                surface: 0xFFFFFF,
                selected: null,
                in: 0x154492,
                out: 0xDD380C,
                halo: 0xFFFFFF,
                background: null
        brightness: {
                ocean: 0.5,
                mentioned: 0.5,
                related: 0.5
Table of parameters:
Parameter Default Value/ Range Description
control.stats false True means to turn on the performance monitor for Three.js.
control.disableUnmentioned false True means tp set unmentioned country unclickable.
control.lightenMentioned false True means to set mentioned country brighter than unmentioned country.
control.inOnly false True means to only display data going into the destination country.
control.outOnly false True means to only display data going out the origination country.
control.initCountry "CN" A country displayed at the center of the screen when the globe has been initialized.
control.halo true True means to turn on the halo.
color.surface 0xFFFFFF or "#FFFFFF" The color scheme of land and ocean area.
color.selected null Color of selected country. 0x154492 or "#154492" Color of line going into the destination.
color.out 0xDD380C or "#DD380C" Color of the line going out of the origination country.
color.halo 0xFFFFFF or "#FFFFFF" Color of the halo.
color.background null Color of the background.
brightness.ocean 0.5 [0.0, 1.0] Brightness of the ocean.
brightness.mentioned 0.5 [0.0, 1.0] Brightness of the mentioned country.
brightness.related 0.5 [0.0, 1.0] Brightness of the related country.