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Advanced Feature
Three.js Interface - getScene()
Get the reference of three.js scene object, after getting this object, it is possible to add your own three.js object to the scene (for example, add universe background for earth). Checkout Three.js documentation for more information about Scene.

for Adding universe background

Code Example: (add background through scene object)
controller.addData( inputData );

// get scene after controller initialized
var scene = controller.getScene();

// create a universe background which is an Three.js object
var universe = createUniverse();

// add universe to the scene

// this function create a universe object (a three.js object)
function createUniverse() {
        var universeMesh = new THREE.Mesh();
        universeMesh.geometry = new THREE.SphereGeometry(500, 128, 128);
        universeMesh.material = new THREE.MeshBasicMaterial({
                map: new THREE.TextureLoader().load(
                side: THREE.BackSide

        return universeMesh;
Gio.js with Background Effect:
Gio.js without Background: